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Single and Two Stage, 2.2 to 7.5kW 303 to 1229Lpm (12.7 to 43.4scfm).

The ELGi Industrial Reciprocating Oil-Flooded Air Compressors (HN Series) are known for their reliability and performance, making them the preferred choice for industrial applications. View the range in this brochure.

The models suit a wide range of applications and industries. They include automotive garages, wood working, small and medium fabrication units and pneumatic power tools.

The single-stage and two-stage are designed for optimum efficiency while requiring minimum maintenance to meet your demands of compressed air. With an extensive service network and easy availability of spares, these compressors are undoubtedly the wisest choice for unparallel performance in the long run.

The two-stage high volume compressors have been meticulously designed with cutting-edge technology proven around the world. They are simple to operate and easy to maintain. For small scale industries and entrepreneurs, ELGi’s two-stage high volume compressors provide the perfect match between low investment and maximum returns.

The HN Series also comes standard with the UPTiME Assurance which is based around three pillars. With UPTiME Design the machines run cooler, cleaner and longer making them easy to service and at longer intervals between service. The UPTiME Components ensure quality-built machines with proprietary airends, leak-free hoses and piping. Finally, the UPTiME Assurance means the compressor comes with industry leading warranties, parts availability and call centres staffed by experts for your peace of mind.


  • Zero leaks ensured using leak proof fittings
  • Designed for industrial duty cycles
  • Slow running speed for less wear and tear
  • Twin sided belt guards for safety and meeting OSHA standards
  • Deep finned cylinders for efficient heat transfer
  • Single and two stage models available, please see brochures here
  • Select models are available in base mounted