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AB ‘Always Better’ Series Oil Free Screw Air Compressors

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Oil Free Disrupted 30-90kW* / 133-485 cfm

ELGi’s AB Series compressors deliver 100% oil free air, in compliance with the stringent norms of ISO 8573-1 Class 0 and ISO 8573—7. The result is high quality air, free of microbiological contaminants at reduced lifecycle costs when compared with prevailing technology.

This makes it ideal for industries where air quality is critical for anything from food and beverages, textiles, pharmaceuticals, electronics, oil and gas, mining, metals and power industries, where stringent compliance norms mandate contaminant free air.

With increasing pollution concerns and stringent environmental regulation, air quality and specifically oil free air has become a necessity. Historically companies have suffered the constraints of high cost, poor reliability and low efficiency in order to have oil free air. ELGi AB Series Oil Free Compressor is a perfect solution as it bridges the gap between energy efficiency and a low cost of ownership.

From a design perspective, the AB series is customer centric and reflects our focus on product aesthetics, design and innovation. This product is packed with unique design features.

ELGi’s rotor design reduces pressure loss, increases stage efficiency, resulting in an optimised compressed air system.

ELGi AB Series Compressors have a very low discharge temperature. This reduces the dryer load on the downstream side of compressors thereby reducing dryer sizing and lesser initial investment cost.

Furthermore, compared to conventional dry screw compressors, the Always Better Series Compressors have three layer sealing for absolute sealing – gearcase side for oil sealing, air side seal on airends and redundant seals in between.

Another great feature is how the ELGi AB Series compressors reuses condensate water to top up the water circuit. The level switch in the tank drains excess water. This ensures fresh clean water being auto replenished thereby avoiding the need for any open-loop requirement or water filtration/treatment at water inlet line into the compressor. This along with the proprietary coating is the reason the FDA has approved the ELGi AB Compressor series to be contaminant free. This eliminates any chance of corrosion or contaminant formation making these compressors ideal for applications where any form of oil or contaminants are not allowed.

Last but certainly not least, the ELGi AB Series compressors come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

There are so many great features to this product, to summarise just a few of the key features are listed. Please download the brochure for so much more.


  • Two stage air filtration. Increased life of consumables
  • High volumetric efficiency. Low energy cost per cfm
  • Advanced neuron III Controller (Remote management of compressor operations)
  • Ready for SCADA/DCS
  • Highly efficient motor providing energy cost savings
  • Option of VFD which is compact and saves floor area
  • Enclosure designed to industrial standards
  • It is silent, aesthetic and safety compliant package
  • Superior airend technology with high volumetric efficiency and low energy cost per cfm
  • Robust cooling system including reduced air outlet temperature
  • Safety compliant package
  • Product CE- certified
  • Air quality – class “0” per ISO:8573(P-2):2007
  • Pressurized components – ASME “U” stamping (USA): PED (EU): Work Cover /
  • Plant Design Registration (Australia); DOSH (Malaysia)
  • Water quality IS:10500-2012
  • Five year manufacturers warranty