Should I have the complete air compressor overhauled, or just the bare compressor?

It is wise to completely overhaul air compressors, not just the bare air end. There are many other components on an air compressor, that can break down, electric motors, pressure switches, non return valves, contactors, to name just a few parts that would need replacing or repairing.

Why should I buy a Kaeser compressor instead of a cheaper screw air compressor?

Kaeser compressors are on most minesites throughout Western Australia and are renowned for their The old saying is “you get what you pay for”.

What quality of air do I require?

It depends on what you are using the air for. With dryers and filtration, you can have Technically 100% oil and water free air. Breathing air is also no problem to obtain.

What pipe work should I install in my factory?

There are now many types of different pipe work you can install in a factory. From galvanized pipe, to plastic type pipe, and now aluminum pipe work. Copper piping is also used. We would now recommend to use aluminimum piping because it is simple to install, doesn’t sag and is rust resistant.