ELGi Airmate Filters Oil Water Separators

For compressors from 70 to 2100scfm.

The ELGi Airmate Filters Oil Water Separator (EOS) models are specifically designed to maintain less than 10ppm of oil in the condensate before allowing the fluid to pass on to the environment. The multi-level separation process with both super-efficient fibre adsorbent and activated carbon ensure the contaminant levels are kept well within statutory requirements. There are seven models available, view their full specifications in this brochure.

When air is compressed through a compressor, it results in condensate along with compressed air. Condensate is a mix of water, oil and dust particles. The EOS oil water separators will filter the air and ensure the condensate is cleansed before being released into the sewage disposal as recommended by regulatory bodies for effluent treatment. If not treated properly and condensate is released to the environment, it can be detrimental.

All Airmate accessories comes standard with the UPTiME Assurance which is based around three pillars. With UPTiME Design the machines run cooler, cleaner and longer making them easy to service and at longer intervals between service. The UPTiME Components ensure quality-built machines with proprietary airends, leak-free hoses and piping. Finally, the UPTiME Assurance means the compressor comes with industry leading warranties, parts availability and call centres staffed by experts for your peace of mind.

ELGi Airmate Filters Oil water Separators


70 to 2100scfm max. compressor capacity

2 to 50L max. oil adsorption capacity

1 to 2 Inlet ports

Inlet and outlet port sizes ½” to 1”

3 to 70kg models