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ELGi Global Series Screw Air Compressors

The EG Global Series Screw Air Compressors represent a giant leap in design and performance with each component designed for reliability and ease of maintenance. The compressor is manufactured in compliance with applicable international standards (CE, ASME, UL and others) and designed as per the international quality standards. These new generation compressors significantly reduce operating costs and provide cost savings with fast return on investment. This series has both a small or large range which can view in the brochures.

Designed and built for use in hot tropical conditions with a reduced motor and airend speed in comparison to the competition makes them perfect for the Western Australian environment.

These models suit a wide range of applications including metals, mining, power production, oil and gas, automotive, manufacturing, agriculture, beverage, food, textile and the pharmaceutical industries.

The EG Series comes standard with the UPTiME Assurance which is based around three pillars. With UPTiME Design the machines run cooler, cleaner and longer making them easy to service and at longer intervals between service. The UPTiME Components ensure quality-built machines with proprietary airends, leak-free hoses and piping. Finally, the UPTiME Assurance means the compressor comes with industry leading warranties, parts availability and call centres staffed by experts for your peace of mind.

The ELGi Screw Compressor elements are manufactured in-house using state-of-the-art machining centres for rotor grinding and machining castings of various sizes. ELGi’s own eta-V profile rotors ensure energy efficient compressed air supply for all demanding applications. ELGi is one of the few companies capable of manufacturing wide range of airends and compressor packages in the world. ELGi’s patent portfolio is a testament to the company’s continuous research and innovation capability.

Screw airends are manufactured with the latest rotor grinding technology, coupled with measurement technology to maintain precise manufacturing tolerances. ELGi has modern manufacturing facilities equipped with advanced high precision grinding machines, turning centres and CNC horizontal and vertical machining centres.

ELGi’s manufacturing plants are both ISO and EOHS certified with the products manufactured under a controlled environment to ensure that its quality continues to meet the highest standards.

ELGi Global Series Small Screw Air Compressors


All standard models available with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

High operator safety

Robust construction with reliability built on every component


Eco-friendly and energy efficient, 11 to 250kw 1.33 to 43.6 m3/min (47 to 1540 scfm)

Compact, aesthetically appealing and easy to install at assembly area

Low lifecycle cost

Energy efficient