Compressors - Oil Free Screw

ELGi Global Premium Screw Air Compressors

The ELGi Global series air compressors represent a giant leap in design and performance with each component designed for reliability and ease of maintenance. The compressor is manufactured in compliance with applicable international standards (CE, ASME, UL and others) and designed as per the international quality standards. These new generation compressors significantly reduce operating costs and provide cost savings with fast return on investment.

These models suit wide range of applications including cement construction, steel making, automotive, machine tool shops, beverage, food processing, textiles and paper & pulp industries.

The EG Premium series provide high-quality compressed air in the harshest of environment conditions. Incorporating the next generation technology of ELGi’s oil-injected screw element, providing a long and trouble-free life at the lowest possible operating cost.

The premium series also come with inbuilt Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and inbuilt Refrigerant Dryer. The variable frequency drive reduces significant reductions in energy and cost. There is also Non-premium models available, view the brochure here.

ELGi’s manufacturing plants are both ISO and EOHS certified with the products manufactured under controlled environment to ensure that its quality continues to meet the highest standards.

ELGi Global Premium Series Large Screw Air Compressors Side

Oil carry over less than 1ppm

Grouped service points ensure easy access to components for maintenance

Optimized cooler design and cooling fans ensure low running temperatures

Versatile neuron II micro controller provides easy diagnostics of system parameters


Eco-friendly and energy efficient, 90 to 160kW (228 to 1110scfm).

Models available as bare units/side located drier/variable speed drive variants

Energy efficient eta profile air ends & gear drive to reduce energy consumption

Wide range of accessories – vertical air receivers, driers, automated supply side controller and variable frequency drives to meet diverse operating conditions