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Oil Flooded Piston Compressors

Our range of industrial oil flooded piston compressors are known for their reliability and performance, making them ideal for intensive and demanding industrial applications.

With strong cast iron components, these single-stage and two-stage compressors are designed to require minimum maintenance while providing optimum efficiency to meet your compressed air demands. We have an extensive service network and easy availability of spares and service kits. Ensuring these compressors are undoubtedly the wisest choice for unparalleled performance in the long run.

The models suit a wide range of applications and industries. They include automotive garages, wood working, small and medium fabrication units and pneumatic power tools.

CPRK range is built with top quality components in Europe. Running at a low speed for low noise levels whilst maintaining great performance.

CP Ironman range offers a robust design providing the perfect match between low investment and maximum returns.

Industrial Piston Compressor

User friendly controls – Easy to use gauges and switches

Robust and reliable – Low speed, low wear with Strong cast iron components.

Stable and compact design


Oil Flooded Piston Compressors, Single and Two Stage, 7 – 10HP

Vessel size 270L & 500L

CP Ironman 5.5-15 HP / 4 – 11kW and 718 l/min – 2082 l/min 10 Bar

CPRK 5.5-10 HP / 4 – 7.5kW and 753 – 1121 l/min 11 Bar