Our range of oil-free screw compressors provides class 0 oil-free air. They are designed for industrial applications where zero contamination to air purity is required, making these compressors ideal for sensitive applications such as pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, electronics, and textiles.

ELGi has engineered these compressors with extensive oil-free technology to deliver maximum uptime and reliability. As one of the few compressor manufacturers to have designed oil-free airends and featuring ELGi’s unique eta-V rotor, this range is optimised to reduce pressure loss and increase stage efficiencies. The cylinder is pre-lubricated for permanent lubrication which produces compressed air that is identical in quality to the intake air. ELGi oil-free screw compressors are less expensive, lighter in weight and produce airflow (cfm) & pressure (psi) comparable to oil-lubricated models.