Donaldson Heatless Regenerated Adsorption Dryers

Heatless regeneration -40°C to -70°C.

Donaldson Heatless Regeneration Adsorption Dryers are desiccant dryers that are tailor-made to individual customer requirements. This guarantees high reliability and simultaneously efficient operation. Pneumatic Engineering can offer three types of heatless adsorption dryers including the Ultrapac™ Classic range, HLP Series and Ultrapac™ Smart range View the full range at Donaldson’s website here.

The Ultrapac™ Classic HED / ALD / MSD heatless desiccant compressed air dryers benefit from decades of design and fabrication experience by Donaldson. They come complete with purification package as well as pre-filter and after-filter in a compact size.

The HLP Series of high-pressure heatless adsorption dryers is a complete purification package and includes high efficiency pre-filter and after-filter as well as a condensate drain.

The Ultrapac™ Smart heatless regenerated adsorption dryer is equipped with a pre-filter and after-filter with UltraPleat™ technology. Compact in design, the models are exceptionally quiet with a flow rate of 5 to 100 m³/h and has a modular and space-saving design.

Donaldson Heatless Regenerated Adsorption Dryers

Ultrapac™ Classic HED / ALD / MSD Features

  • Purification package complete with pre-filter and after-filter and condensate drain — Turnkey system, no additional installation required; all components technically perfectly matched to each other.
  • Pre-filter with electronic, level-controlled drain — No compressor air losses due to condensate removal means reduction in operating costs.
  • All dryers in cabinet construction — Optimal protection against dirt and mechanical damage.
  • Generous dimensioned filters — Large filtration surface means lower pressure drop and lower operating costs.
  • Display of operating status by LED — High operating safety, since all operating status can be detected easily at any time.
  • Intermittent operation standard — Link between dryer and compressor possible on central applications resulting in compressed air savings.
  • All sizes available, matched to the compressor flows, with 3 pressure dewpoints each, for choice — Custom made solutions possible, matching exact customer requirements; no oversizing of compressors necessary.
  • Comprehensive option package: Dewpoint depending control, start-up device, bypass, pneumatics control, change-over control etc. — Flexibility in application, well thought-out package for economical operation and safe system installation in the compressed air network.


HLP Series Features

  • Aluminium valve block, corrosion protection
  • Energy saving using Ultraconomy control
  • Stable pressure dew point -40° C (104° F) at 100% load
  • Intermittent operation saves regeneration air and operation costs
  • Pneumatically controlled seat valves avoid pressure losses and increase operational safety

Ultrapac™ Smart Features

  • Reliable achievement of compressed air quality
  • Dryer has flexible orientations
  • Validated performance data
  • Smart communication: Internet of Things (IoT) and industry 4.0 ready
  • UltraSilencer ensures quiet operation
  • Easy handling of maintenance and service
  • Saving regeneration air through a capacity control and compressor coupling