Make sure your compressor system is cost-effective & energy-efficient with an air audit

Conducting regular audits of your compressed air system is essential to ensure that your system operates efficiently and meets your production requirements. There are many reasons to conduct an air audit, and it should be an essential part of your compressor maintenance. Whether you need to improve the energy performance or the output of your existing unit or thinking of upgrading your compressor, our air audits are a simple way to identify issues that may be impeding your production outputs and increasing your energy costs.

Why perform a compressed air audit?

The main goal of our compressed air audits is to make sure your compressed air demand matches your supply. Ensuring our clients have the most cost-effective, energy-efficient system for the long term. We take a whole system approach to assess your compressor system. Our compressed air audits involve:

  • Finding inefficiencies or wastage. Our compressed air specialists conduct a thorough visual inspection of your compressor systems and equipment. We will identify pressure drops, faulty or inappropriate equipment, incorrect sizing of fittings and pipes, system design improvements etc.
  • Assessing compressed air demand patterns and your energy use. We will log data on your operational requirements. This will help identify your current demand, energy use, pressure requirements and flow rate. And how well your current compressor and settings meet these requirements.
  • Making recommendations. We will provide a comprehensive diagnostic report detailing our analysis and recommendations. These are often simple fixes from leak repair, lowering pressure to altering piping that can make significant differences to your compressed air output and energy costs.

Pneumatic Engineering will be able to demonstrate significant cost and energy savings for your operations. 

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Compressor Technician performing maintenance on a compressed air system