How do you size up an air compressor?

This will vary due to what the air operated equipment is. Sizing up a compressor for air tools is different than continuous air usage for bottling plants etc. Firstly find out what air operated equipment the factory is using. Add the air usage up and allow an extra 20% for future usage. This is only a rough guide. Please contact your compressor company to size up your compressor correctly.

Do we need an air receiver?

Yes. All compressors should have an air receiver. This will help stop the compressor from hunting and the bigger the receiver is the better. Compressors that are on modulation also should have an air receiver, as it helps with big fluctuations on air demand. An air receiver also helps remove around 80% of water in the air.

How do I size up an air receiver?

To correctly size up an air receiver, go to www.kaeser.com.au and go to online services and air receiver sizing. Put in the parameters and the formula will give the size receiver that is required.

Should I buy a screw type air compressor or a piston air compressor?

It depends on the size of compressor, and the quality of air required. Tank mounted piston compressors only go up to 30HP and have around 10 times the oil carry over, compared to a screw air compressor. After 30HP, screw air compressors are generally used now.