Compressed Air Analysis

Compressed Air Analysis

Ensure optimal performance - Conduct a compressed air analysis

Air analysis for compressor

Pneumatic Engineering is experienced in analysing compressed air systems and ensuring they meet operational and performance requirements efficiently. The energy costs for compressed air are a substantial part of an industrial manufacturer’s energy bill. In some cases, accounting for up to 30% of the site’s total energy, 90% of which can be wasted*.

Our on-site assessments review your compressed air usage, current demands, and future needs. We also identify inefficiencies and necessary upgrades such as leakage, over-supply and pressurisation, correct sizing, and ineffective machinery, which can all significantly increase your production costs and impair output. You will receive a comprehensive diagnostic report from our compressed air specialists detailing our analysis and recommendations. Pneumatic Engineering will be able to demonstrate significant cost and energy savings for your operations. Typically, wastage and efficiencies can be fixed easily. We can assure you that the assessment will pay for itself.

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*Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

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