Mining, Oil and Gas

Mining, Oil and Gas

Mining, Oil and Gas

Mining, Oil & Gas Industries Air Compressors

With most operations located in remote, challenging and often difficult to access places, the challenges of mining, oil and gas are unique. However, they are challenges that Pneumatic Engineering has a comprehensive understanding of from our long history with these industries, since our inception.

Utilising only the most innovative pneumatic technology from our partners ELGi and Donaldson ensures we can meet all of your compressed air needs safely and efficiently in mines as well as oil and gas facilities to power drilling and piling equipment, pneumatic tools, conveyor belts that transport material and ventilation systems inside laboratories, as just a few examples.

Given the challenges of site, our experienced team are skilled in finding world class and customised solutions to meet your unique requirements. You can read about some of these case studies here in our Capability Statement.

Pneumatic Engineering has gained ISO 9001:2015 and operates a rigorous management system. We are committed to the occupational health and safety of all our employees as well as minimising potential impacts on the local environment and community. Our systems also meet the requirements of AS/NZ4801 and ISO 18001 and we are always striving for continual improvement across our operations.

Also relevant to the mining, oil and gas industries, we have various online qualification subscriptions so we are ready to come to your mine site for emergency break downs and servicing of equipment. You can view our safety, quality and industry memberships. Some of the products the mining, oil and gas industries may find relevant are:

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