Over 45 Years of Pneumatic Engineering Excellence Serving Western Australia

Over 45 Years of Pneumatic Engineering Excellence Serving Western Australia blog cover

For over four decades, Pneumatic Engineering has led the way in delivering custom compressed air solutions to various industries in Western Australia. Our journey, marked by innovation, efficiency, and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, has been filled with countless success stories. Here, we review some of our most notable projects, demonstrating our capability and the diverse challenges we’ve overcome.

Innovative Compressed Air Solutions for Industry Leaders

  1. CBH, Kwinana and Geraldton – For CBH, installing a compressed air system that tolerates harsh salt water and sea air whilst maintaining performance was essential. Our solution was to engineer a skid-mounted compressed air system designed for durability and ease of maintenance, featuring specially coated components to resist corrosion. This system has proven its worth over the years with minimal maintenance, showcasing our ability to deliver long-lasting solutions in harsh environments.
  2. Collie Waste Water Treatment Plant – Our task was to tackle the challenge of reducing noise in a residential area and allowing for significant fluctuations in water treatment demands. Our solution was to install two air blowers within modified, silenced cabinets. This resulted in a substantial noise reduction, reaching an acceptable level of 64 decibels adjacent to the equipment. Moreover, the capacity and standby cycle of the blowers was adjusted to ensure that operational fluctuations in water treatment could be managed more efficiently, reducing energy wastage. These installations improved the plant’s operational flexibility and treatment capacity, utilising the existing infrastructure to its fullest potential.Collie Waste water compressor
  3. Cristal Mining, Australind – Addressing the unreliability of the pneumatic system was critical for Cristal. We investigated their site to ensure that we deliver the best solution for their application. Our technicians installed a compressor system with ducting to ensure optimal air inlet temperature and effective heat dissipation, significantly reducing system failures. The solution centred on correct compressor ventilation which is a common issue in various industries, highlighting our targeted approach to enhancing system reliability and addressing industry-wide challenges.
  4. R&R Robotics, Bellevue – We were approached to investigate overheating issues and to expand their current air distribution system. Our technicians strategically  reorganised and added a new compressor which allowed them to use the existing infrastructure. This approach kept costs low while efficiently enhancing capacity, highlighting our innovative and cost-effective strategies.
  5. FMG, Port Hedland – We needed to find a solution to ongoing damage caused to diesel rail cart compressors during the ‘car dumping’ process. Recognising that standard portable compressors couldn’t withstand the force, we redesigned structural elements by adding mountings and supports. This solution in a durable compressor that remains on the brake cart for an unprecedented twelve months, significantly reducing maintenance frequency. Now, these compressors undergo annual routine checks by Pneumatic Engineering, marking a significant advancement in our approach to rail industry challenges.
  6. Rio Tinto, Karratha – At FMG’s Port Hedland operations, we addressed the issue of compressor damage during the ‘car dumping’ process with an innovative solution. We designed purpose-built frames with a specialised suspension system to handle unloading forces of up to 5G. Additionally, a new (programmable logic controller)  (PLC)  system was developed for remote control operations. This feature allows management from Perth with start-stop functionality and no requirement for handling. Since their installation, these upgrades have significantly increased reliability, reduced downtime and maintenance costs, requiring only standard servicing and minimal maintenance. Rio tinto mining compressor
  7. Visy, O’Connor – For Visy in O’Connor, we focused on enhancing the compressed air system essential for cardboard carton production by integrating air dryers, significantly improving air quality. This, combined with meticulous maintenance and upgrades, boosted their production capacity, showcasing our commitment to optimising operational efficiency and product quality.

A Legacy of Excellence

Reflecting on these stories, we’re proud of our evolution from a small service provider to an industry leader in pneumatic engineering in WA. Each project underscores our relentless dedication in integrating innovative and customer centric thinking to exceed client expectations, no matter the challenge’s complexity.

Join Our Legacy

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About Pneumatic Engineering

Pneumatic Engineering is a testament to over four decades of excellence in providing pneumatic solutions across diverse industries in Western Australia. We specialise in custom compressed air systems and offer a comprehensive range of services, including sales, service, hire, and customisation of compressors, blowers, dryers, and air filtration systems. Our projects range from small industries to large-scale operations in mining, agriculture, water treatment, and manufacturing, showcasing our capability to overcome complex challenges and exceed client expectations.

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