Overhauls and Rebuilds

Extend the lifespan of your existing infrastructure.

At Pneumatic Engineering we have a specialised ability to come in and review a work site’s ageing plant and determine the feasibility of rebuilding and overhauling your compressed air assets.

We understand that not every job is a job in which a newer model is required. This could be because of budget, down time or environmental concerns. We are happy to work with our clients to see if we can provide a solution with the existing infrastructure as a first port of call.

In saying that, we have complete transparency with our clients to ensure you are aware of all potential avenues. After looking at your existing infrastructure with a critical and innovative view point our team look at all potential options and come back to you with a quote. Sometimes it is not that much more to get a new model and sometimes there are huge cost savings involved.

If it is decided that the overhaul and rebuild is the best way forward we can discuss options. It could be as simple as replacing some of the aged componentry or it could be a bigger job such as refurbishing or even replacing a motor.

Regardless of the requirements, we stock a wide range of high-quality machinery, equipment, spare parts and auxiliaries to overhaul and rebuild compressors, blowers, dryers and air filtration. Our business has an ability like no other, with all equipment purchased or repaired (up to 250kw) being tested in house prior to being returned for operation. This ensures no unplanned delays and quality successful repairs.

Through our rebuilds and overhauls we can return the equipment to the existing outputs and in some instances the process has been so effective we have even managed to increase output.

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