Donaldson Process Filter Housings

Versatile filtration solutions for compressed air applications.

Donaldson Process Filter Housings provide quality sterile air, culinary steam and liquid filtration products to process industries around the world and are available for both non-sanitary and sanitary applications. The sanitary grade housings are 3-A certified and will meet even the most stringent standards. Pneumatic Engineering offers the full range of filter housings. View the full range at Donaldson’s website here.

The P-EG economical, stainless-steel housings are designed for purification of compressed air, technical gases and steam. Designed to yield low differential pressure at high flow rates, they can accommodate a variety of connections including NPT, ANSI flange, weld-end and more. A broad selection of filter elements are available to meet the compatibility and micron rating requirements of your process.

The PG-EG compressed air filter housings are made with high quality stainless steel and are designed to sanitary specifications. Applications include the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, electronic, food and beverage industries. The housings are equipped with a variety of connection and surface finish options to meet most processes. Custom options are available upon request.

PG-IL In-line filter housings are engineered to 3-A and BPE sanitary requirements and are ideal for installations where traditional t-style housings are not practical. The housings are available in ½” to 2″ size inlet and outlet connections in Tri-Clamp®*, Butt-weld and ANSI Flange styles, and with ½” Tri-Clamp® vent/drain ports. PG-IL housings are BPE compliant and 3-A certified. Housings are available in four sizes with a capacity up to 68L/min (24 gpm) for liquid. Standard housing comes with Code 7/Code 2 element connections included.

P-BE tank vent filter housings are designed to purify air used to vent stationary and mobile tanks. They are typically used in conjunction with our P-SRF V process sterile air filter element to ensure sterile ventilation with very little pressure drop or air resistance. The P-BE filter housing can also be used with other filter elements such as the LifeTec PF-PT N, a PTFE membrane cartridge, or the P-GSL N, a pleated stainless-steel mesh cartridge, to meet your specific requirements.

Where quality requirements are exceptionally high, Donaldson has a selection of process filters which will enable you to reach maximum purity standards. For these purposes Donaldson supplies pre and sub-micro filters for liquids, for compressed air, gases and sterile air systems.

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