ELGi Airmate Filters Economy Series

Economy filters for flow rates of 18 to 3300scfm.

The ELGi Airmate Die-Cast Filter Economy Series housings feature the special alocrom aluminium treatment. This treatment ensures there is no corrosion and no carry over of corroded articles into the airline, which can otherwise cause blockades in sophisticated parts. View the range in this brochure.

The Airmate filter series provides three types of filtration. This includes: Type PF particle filter for general purpose protection and removal of particles down to 1 micron; Type FF fine filter for high efficiency oil removal filtration down to 0.01 microns; and, Type CF carbon filter for activated carbon filtration removal of oil vapour and hydrocarbons to a maximum remaining oil content of <0.003mg/m³ ( <0.003 ppm).

All Airmate accessories comes standard with the UPTiME Assurance which is based around three pillars. With UPTiME Design the machines run cooler, cleaner and longer making them easy to service and at longer intervals between service. The UPTiME Components ensure quality-built machines with proprietary airends, leak-free hoses and piping. Finally, the UPTiME Assurance means the compressor comes with industry leading warranties, parts availability and call centres staffed by experts for your peace of mind.

ELGi Airmate Filter Housing Economy Series