Compressors - Oil Free Screw

ELGi Oil-Free Screw Water-Cooled Air Compressors

ELGi’s Oil-Free Screw Water Cooled Air Compressors are one of the major outcomes of ELGi’s expertise in manufacturing and marketing of air compressors worldwide for the past 50 years. These compressors are backed by emerging technology that conserves natural resources and minimises environmental pollution. View the range in this brochure.

These models suit a wide range of applications where ISO 8573-1 class ‘0’ oil free air is required and there is an absolute intolerance of oil vapour presence in the entire manufacturing process. This includes metals, power production, oil and gas, automotive, beverage, food, textile and the pharmaceutical industries.

The ELGi oil-free technology features certified oil-free airends, in-house oil-free technology, engineering to deliver maximum uptime and reliability, as well as a unique eta-V rotor design to reduce pressure loss and increase stage efficiencies, leading to an optimized compressed air system. Designed and built for use in hot tropical conditions makes them perfect for the Western Australian environment.

The optimised component layout of the oil-free series machine makes them easy to service and therefore reduces service time. Incorporating superior safety norms, the compressors have not only low energy losses and low air outlet temperatures but are also highly reliable due to the lower airend speeds. All of these advanced features are integrated into one simple design that drives maximum reliability and uptime.

These Oil-Free Screw Water-Cooled Air Compressors provide long life, reliability and ruggedness under wide ambient conditions to provide you with oil-free air for uninterrupted and seamless productivity.

ELGi Oil-Free Screw Air-Cooled Air Compressors

Designed for energy saving and long life resulting in quicker return to customer investments

All standard models available with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Occupies less space and generates less heat

Intelligent and fail proof instrumentation and control system, hooked up to DCS

Delivery of high-quality air


Class Zero Oil-free air compressor for all sustainable air needs I Two-stage 90 to 500kW 13.6 to 71.2m³/min (480 to 2515scfm).

ISO 8573-1 class 0 certified air

Wide range of compressor with indigenised air end variety optimised for every customer need

Customisable for different markets (multiple electrical inputs)

Air cooled and water cooled as well as low pressure and high-pressure versions covers a wide range of applications

Affordable oil free package competing in all markets